We Want Your Emails!
14 Aug. 2014

We Want Your Emails!

It’s that time again to start sending in your thoughts and comments about this month’s reading selection!

How does the Winter Soldier movie hold up to the original storyarc?

Does Sex Criminals push the right kind of boundaries?

Does the racism in Terry and the Pirates ruin the enjoyment of a good action adventure story?

You can talk about these topics or whatever else you wish! AND you can send in your pick for next month’s Reader Pull. Send you emails to thepullboxpodcast@gmail.com

About the author

After receiving a copy of Web of Spider-Man #60 at his 10th birthday party, Kurtis has had a lifelong passion for comics. In 2011 he published his first book, CHUCK JONES: THE DREAM THAT NEVER WAS (IDW/Library of American Comics), featuring CRAWFORD, the unknown comic strip from the legendary Looney Tunes director. He is also the creator/cartoonist of KIDS, EH?, a daily comic strip about the real life funny things his kids say and do and co-host of the PULLBOX PODCAST, an international graphic novel book club podcast. Kurtis' taste in comics include everything from classic comic strips (Terry and the Pirates, Polly and Her Pals) to kid's comics (Zita the Space Girl, Ghostopolis) to Franco-Belgian bande dessinée (Freddy Lombard, Monsieur Jean).

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