February Pulls

We’re back with another round of graphic novels to discuss for The Pullbox Podcast! You can choose to read any or all of these books to be a part of this podcast. Just head to your local library, book store, comic shop, Comixology, or find a friend with a copy that you can borrow, and start reading! Once you’ve finished reading, send us an email with your thoughts! Did you like the book? Why? What are your thoughts on the writing? The art? The characters? The premise? We’ll read one or two emails for each book on the Podcast; one of those emails could be yours! We will always lean toward the more thought-provoking emails that will allow us to carry on the conversation. The episode will be released on March 1.



By Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Available in paperback (ISBN: 978-0785119548) from Marvel Comics . Also available  as single issues Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1-5.

The highly acclaimed drama featuring the life of a teenage Mary Jane Watson returns! And this time, she’s got some friendly neighborhood backup! With her circle of friends and recent relationship left in disrepair, MJ is on the market once again! But who will she choose to be the next object of her affections: Peter Parker, her bookish-but-sweet tutor and newly-minted friend, or that dangerous, exciting crimefighter in red and blue tights, Spider-Man?


Kurtis’s Pull: SECONDS

By Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Available in hardcover (ISBN: 978-0345529374) from Ballentine Books. Also available on Amazon Kindle.

Seconds is a complex and novelistic stand-alone story about a young restaurant owner named Katie who, after being visited by a magical apparition, is given a second chance at love and to undo her wrongs.



By Mark Millar, Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett.

Available in paperback (ISBN: 978-1401247119) from DC Comics. Also available through Amazon Kindle and Comixology and in single issues as Superman: Red Sun #1-3.

Reader Pull suggested by Steve Ferguson and Karl Germyn.

SUPERMAN: RED SON is a vivid tale of Cold War paranoia, that reveals how the ship carrying the infant who would later be known as Superman lands in the midst of the 1950s Soviet Union.  Raised on a collective, the infant grows up and becomes a symbol to the Soviet people, and the world changes drastically from what we know – bringing Superman into conflict with Batman, Lex Luthor and many others..

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